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Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Review

The Men’s X Ultra Mid GTX Hiking Boot made by Salomon is one of the best choices one can make in choosing a trail hiking boot. Throughout our Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Review we found this boot is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. The Ultra Mid GTX is made for running on any terrain one could hike to. It features Salomon’s Sensifit technology and Contagrip. This boot  sits on the more expensive side but is well worth the money. This boot is the ideal choice for hiking or hiking on the most unstable ground.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


Comfort and Support

Comfort and support is a big deal when looking for a hiking boot. Salomon has provided a boot which has both. The Ultra Mid GTX provides it wearer with Sensifit, a breathable mesh upper, dual density midsole, Ortholite, and Gore-Tex. Salomon’s Sensifit technology provides the wearer with an accurate fit. Sensifit cradles the user’s instep making the natural heel to toe motion easier allowing for such a precise fit. The dual density midsole gives the user cushioning, more stability, as well as more motion control. The breathable mesh on the upper helps keep your foot nice and cool. Salomon also equipped this boot with its Ortholite and Gore-Tex technology. The Ortholite foot bed reduces friction while you run while providing your heel with EVA for extra cushioning. Salomon’s Gore-Tex lining reduces hot spots allowing the users feet to stay nice and cool. Last but not least, is Salomon’s Quicklace. If for some reason the boot isn’t up to your comfort level, Quicklace is an asymmetrical lacing system designed to tighten laces in a single pull for the best possible fit. One can clearly see that Salomon has pulled out all the stops in order to provide hikers and runners with the best possible level of comfort.



Salomon used lightweight material as well as design to make this boot extremely lightweight. This boot is made for fast hiking or running on rough terrain.



The Ultra Mid GTX has Salomon’s Contagrip as well as a 3D Chassis. Contagrip is a rugged outsole. The Contagrip is made of Chevron and has forefoot flex grooves and multidirectional lugs for great traction even on wet, slippery trails. The 3D Chassis helps reduce ankle rolling by giving the boot more stability allowing the hiker or runner to concentrate fully on the hike or run and not on their footing.

X Ultra Mid GTX Review


The Ultra Mid GTX is equipped with a mudguard and a rubber toe. The mudguard is located at the base of the shoe. The mudguard and rubber toe protect the wearer from dampness. The bottom of the boot is well guarded. Since the Ultra Mid GTX is a light weight shoe, the upper part of the shoe’s waterproofing is compromised. This boot is good for smaller puddles but I would not recommend using these in deeper water.


Public Opinion

Now we’ll take a look at what real customers are saying about this boot. After reading through countless reviews, the verdict is this is a great boot. Many customers who bought this shoe were extremely pleased with their purchase. The bad section was somewhat difficult to write because of the lack of negative reviews. This is what users had to say about the Ultra Mid GTX


The Good


It should come to no surprise that this boot is one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Users with Planter Fasciitis found that these boots helped reduce the pain in their foot. Even in negative reviews users couldn’t deny the fact that this boot is one of the most comfortable out there. The boot provided the users with a shoe that reduced dampness, provided extra cushioning, kept their feet cool, amazing stability, breathability, while providing the best fit possible.


This boot was used for more than just running and hiking. Users have found many other uses for it. Many users used these boots for work that required a great deal of walking outside. The users loved working in their Ultra Mid GTX. Users feel it’s the best hiking and running boot as well as a great everyday work boot.


Salomon’s technology proves to be another plus for customers. Salomon’s Contagrip, mudguard, and rubber toe do the job when it comes to keeping out water. Many customers stated that the shoe was one of the best at keeping out the water.   

Light, Breathable, and Tough

Ultra Mid GTX is one of the lighter shoes on the market. Users have found this boot is great for any terrain. This boot is the perfect balance of light weight, breathability, and toughness. It’s clear Salomon put in a lot of man hours in making this possible. The boot could withstand sheet ice, bogs, creek crossings, rocky track, and mud. Not only that but the boot was light enough to allow users to run fast as well as keep the foot cool.


The Bad

Not Good for Wide Feet

Users with wider and flatter feet found the Ultra Mid GTX to slim to comfort the foot. If one has wide feet, then the Ultra Mid GTX is not the boot for you. Users find that the boot loses comfort and support when worn by wider and flatter feet.

Upper Mesh Durability

The breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe seemed to be an issue with some users. Users who used these boots everyday found that the Mesh would form holes after repeated daily use.

The majority of buyers loved this boot. Constantly the boot was praised for its comfort, stability, durability, and versatility. The small percent who disliked it were people with wider feet and used the boot every day.

Salomon hiking boot

Bang for Your Buck

The Ultra Mid GTX is on the upper end of prices. Despite its higher price, I believe this shoe is worth it. Salomon has created an incredibly comfortable boot and one that is great for many situations. If you purchase this boot you will get every dollar you spent and then some out of them.

The Verdict

The verdict on this boot is no surprise. The Ultra Mid GTX is a top tier hiking and running boot. Salomon put a lot of effort in designing the optimal hiking and running boot. Despite being on the pricey side, you won’t find a more comfortable boot on the market than the Ultra Mid GTX. Since, the Ultra Mid GTX provides users with great comfort, durability, and stability I would recommend this boot to any hiker or trail runner.

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