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Timberland Chocorua Hiking Boots Review | HileHighValley

Timberland Chocorua Hiking Boots Review | HileHighValley

Timberland Chocorua Hiking Boots Review

Throughout our Timberland Chocorua Hiking Boots Review we found that this is a high-quality product from a great and time tested company. Timberland’s Men’s Chocorua features dual-density EVA midsole, a midsole support plate, rubber outsole, a waterproof leather upper, Timberlands B.S.F.P. Motion System, Gore-Tex Membrane, padded ankle collar, and rubber toe cap. This boot sits at a mid range price but is built to last. If you’re serious about hiking you may want to check this boot out more.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here

Comfort and Support

The Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex boot has a lot of features to optimize the users comfort. The Chocorua has a dual-density EVA midsole. This midsole provides extra cushion for your foot while you hike. The midsole support plate allows for a sturdier bottom of the shoe. The Gore-Tex membrane give the boot a breathable lining. This helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. The Chocorua also has a padded ankle collar for more support and comfort around the wearer’s ankles.



The Chocorua boot is on the heavier side of the boot spectrum. Although it’s a bit heavier, many customers were surprised by how light weight it was compared to other heavy boots.



To successfully hike you’ll need a boot with some grip to it. Timberland’s Men’s Chocorua GTX Mid Hiking Boot has just that. The Chocorua comes with B.S.F.P. Motion System.  The B.S.F.P. Motion system is the design of the outsole. The motion system allows the wearer quick braking on ascent and descent. The system also offers more support under the arch than other boots. The boot has flex grooves in the toe area and a lug design in the forefoot. These two things not only up the traction but also help move your foot with greater efficiency. The B.S.F.P. Motion system gives the user max traction and as a plus adds to the boot’s durability.

timberland gore tex boots


Timberland has outfitted this boot with the tools necessary for keeping out water and keeping your foot cool and dry. The Chocoura’s upper is made of nubuck leather. Along with that there’s the Gore-Tex lining. The Gore-Tex lining is both breathable and effective at keeping water out. The Gore-Tex lining is laminated to the interior of the boot.


Public Opinion

Another important thing to look at is what real buyers are saying. We combed through customer reviews to see just what the public had to say about these boots. I was hard pressed to find a negative review about these boots. I’m not surprised, since Timberland is a trusted company for boots. Even though the price was a little higher than most liked, the majority of buyers were very happy.


The Good

Great Fit

A lot of users found these boots were good to go right out of the box. There was hardly any time spent breaking them in. Many customers bought the shoe and went right to hiking.


The Timberland Chocorua Mid Boot’s nubuck leather does exactly what it was intended to. Customers were shocked at how well the Chocorua Mid Boot from Timberland kept the water out. Customers consistently shared that the Chocorua Mid Boot kept their feet dry. This shows that Timberland’s nubuck leather and Gore-Tex are top of the line.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Users agreed on the fact that Chocorua boots from Timberland were both lightweight and comfortable.

Good Downhill

The Timberland Chocorua Mid Boot comes with the B.S.F.P motion system which helps with declines and inclines. Customers were pleased with the Chocorua Mid Boot. It stands among the best compared to other boots. Boots that are good on declines aren’t that easy to find.


The Bad

Tread Wears faster than Normal

The tread on the Chocorua Mid Boot wear out faster than most users liked. The tread worked great for traction but over a long period of time broke down. It should be noted that most customers that bought the Timberland Chocorua Mid Boot purchased another pair.

Eyelets Break

Many customers found that the Chocorua Mid Boot’s eyelets tended to break over time. This happened when the wearer wore the shoes for long periods of time.

timberland chocorua review

Bang for Your Buck

The most important thing when considering buying a boot is if you’re going to get the bang for your buck. Timberland Chocorua boots are worth the money. These are top of the line hiking boots. Although the price is on the higher side it’s still a great price for this high quality of boot. Between the B.S.F.P. motion system, the Goretex, and it’s amazing waterproofing it’s hard to decide what is best about this boot.


The Verdict

It should come to no one’s surprise on what my verdict of the Timberlands Men’s Chocorua Mid GTX Boot. In case you can’t guess, I give these boots a huge thumbs up. Users were insanely happy with the Timberlands Men’s Chocorua Mid GTX Boots. Most users bought more than one pair. Timberland has made a great quality boot. The Timberlands Men’s Chocorua stands above the rest as an amazing hiking boot.

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