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Timberland Earthkeepers Review | HileHighValley

Timberland Earthkeepers Review | HileHighValley

Timberland Earthkeepers Review

The Timberland Earthkeepers Original Leather 6.5” Boots are a legitimate and durable boot created to not only support your feet, but they support the Earth by using material that is largely created using recyclable products. Throughout our Timberland Earthkeepers review we found that this product reached most if not all of our intended criteria, and it earned a lot of high praise from satisfied customers as well!

The combination of durability and value gives these boots some serious appeal. These boots stand out for so many reasons, and these boots are surely not going to break your bank which is the most enticing aspect about them for some consumers. We all want a product that will last for a long time, and the Timberland Earthkeepers provides some real value for consumers that are serious about saving money with a product that does last a long time.

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Comfort and Support

The Timberland Earthkeepers features a snug and comfortable leather composition with heels that raise the user just about an inch off the ground. The rubber sole and ample cushioning act uniquely to maximize traction, and this creates the stability and support system that really makes these boots great! The fact they are extremely comfortable as well makes them an ideal option for any consumer!



The shipping weight lists this product at about 4 pounds, but the actual product itself does weigh much less than this. Users are often quick to note the effectiveness of this shoe because of its solid composition, and consumers should not be weary about whether or not the shoes are going to be extremely cumbersome. When you open the packaging you will instantly feel that there is a legitimate weight to a pair of boots that is stable durable, and that is always a great feeling! The fact that Timberland didn’t go over the top with the weight makes the Earthkeepers a pleasure to wear every time.




The Timberland Earthkeepers feature a unique traction option that is different than other common boots in this price range. The well-designed tread provides a strong sense of balance that couples with the raised heels and platforms to give the user a powerful feeling like any great pair of boots does! The fact that these boots are definitely in a lower price tier compared to a lot of boots that are great enough to really provide that extra sense of power makes them an ideal option for consumers that want very high quality boots without spending hundreds of dollars!

Timberland Earthkeepers hiking boots

Water Proof

The Timberland Earthkeepers are a solid boot for inclement weather situations. Unless the conditions are extremely hazardous then the Earthkeepers are a solid option for anybody that might be working construction or another occupation where you’re outside and you’re on your feet a lot! The custom design is built to suit these people, and the boots are waterproof for this reasoning. If you’re dealing with intense snow then this might not be the best fit as it is a solid work-boot that it isn’t meant to be on the mountain in extremely inclement conditions.



Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Timberland Earthkeepers have had to say.


The Good


Versatility in work-boots must correlate strongly with high levels traction, and we’ve assessed that this pair of boots could be among the most versatile for its price range. Staying on your feet throughout your workday is essential, as any small spill and injury could always cost us dearly!

These boots are also extremely fashionable and are definitely a legitimate wear even when you’re not at work! The versatile and solid nature of these boots will undoubtedly keep you locked the ground and stable on your feet all day no matter what you are doing, and consumers definitely revel at the fact that these boots are so effective and cost effective as well!


Great for Wide Feet

Some consumers who review boots in particular have wider feet, and this can be a really big issue. For the Timberland Earthkeepers we really found that this wasn’t an issue, and users that have wider feet are generally extremely and pleasantly surprised when they order.

These consumers also noted that these boots were not like other types of boots that consumers had to wonder whether or not they should purchase a half size or whole size up from their actual foot-size. Consumers are quick to note that these boots are accurate upon their typical foot-size, and this can definitely key because finding the right kind of boot quickly and without any problems can sometimes be a hassle.


Long Lasting

The durability of these boots is not compromised by their relatively low price. This could possibly be the best bargain opportunity for a pair of boots of this quality. The combination of all of the great factors and features that the Timberland Earthkeepers has is almost incomparable, and users are quick to dive right into how these boots have lasted them for years: and in many cases, they note that they’ll be buying the same pair in some years down the road if and when they need!


Light Weight and Support

Users were often quick to note how impressed they were by the weight of this boot. As your feet rest comfortably on the in-soles, the support system will have you aware of an added sense of power with the extra height that is added with the raised heel that gives the user that crucial boost! This boot also uses a unique midsole and geometric cone combination for extra support, and this is what Timberland refers to as their exclusive anti-fatigue technology. The solid tread design provides for optimal traction, and the firm stability of the boots are clearly a favorite component of most every user!


No Break in Period

The support system and composition of the boots are not quick to wear out, and users will often write reviews just to say how pleased they are with the product as it maintains its durability even after extensive use! These boots are also generally comfortable right out the box, and you will find their optimal level of comfort (like with any shoe or boot) after just a few days of wearing them!


The Bad

Soles Wear Out after Use

Some consumers noted that the soles on these boots wear out after extended use. Replacing them is an option, but it seems like a bulky added cost. However, this type of review was not overly frequent, and many users stated that they have had this product for quite some time and nothing of the likes ever happened to them!

Overall we found the users of these boots were definitely quite pleased with the product. The firm traction grip gives the boot a really different and superior feeling to some other boots. The large heel was also extremely appealing to people wearing the boots, and shorter users often noted that they actually felt tall while wearing them!  This solid boot is not only aesthetically appealing, its design more importantly makes it extremely effective when using them in any number of scenarios!

Timberland Earthkeepers hiking boot review

Bang for Your Buck

Value could potentially be the best part about the boots, but then again that would be selling the Earthkeepers and Timberland short! However, users were quick to provide a review about how much they loved their boots, and they always noted that the value and quality is unbeatable among similarly priced boots!


The Verdict

Overall we found that this boot is definitely a great option for consumers that are looking for an inexpensive, solid work-boot. This is a quality pair of work-boots that are built to last! There is a reason consumers have purchased this boot time and time again, and the quality and value offered by this pair of work-boots is something consumers can truly appreciate. If you are looking for an inexpensive work-boot that is still a quality product than you should look no further than the Timberland Earthkeepers.

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