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The Ultimate list of hiking hacks and tips | HileHighValley

The Ultimate list of hiking hacks and tips | HileHighValley

The Ultimate list of hiking hacks and tips


Every hiker has a signature tip or trick they use to get the most out of their hike. We here at thought we should create the ultimate list of tips and hacks so that all of our readers could have the best hiking experience. Without further adieu here is our list of the best hiking hacks and tips.



1.Repackage your food

  • You would be surprised at how much space is wasted when you put a box of granolas bars in your hiking pack. Make sure to unpack all your food and repackage it into the most efficient way in order to create more room in your bag.


2.First aid in prescription bottle

  • If you have an old prescription bottle around the house fill it up with your first aid gear for a compact safety kit!


3.Use a water bottle to turn your cellphone light into a flashlight

  • If you happen to run out of batteries for your flashlight use this hack to create a makeshift flashlight.


4.Corn chips as kindling

  • Corn chips double as a tasty treat as well as a great kindling if you need to start a fire.


5.Use pillbox to pack spices

  • If you are going for a multiple day hike be sure to use this hack to conveniently sort your spices.


6.Line inside your backpack with a garbage bag

  • Even if your backpack is water proof this will be sure to keep your belongings extra dry!


7.Convert your toilet paper roll into a speaker

  • If you want to increase you phones volume output but don’t want to pack a speaker this is a great option.


8.Bring your shoes into your sleeping bag with you

  • Not much worse than some damp/frozen shoes in the morning


9.Put a cork on your keychain

  • By placing a cork on your keychain you keys will stay afloat if they happen to fall into the water.


10.Turn a beer can into a camping stove.

  • By following this guide you can mcgiever your own cooking stove.


11.Tell family or friends where you are going

  • If you happen to get lost on your travels its always comforting to know that people will know where to search for you.


12.Flip your devices batteries around while in your pack

  • This ensures your flashlight doesn’t turn on while in your bag and drain your batteries.


13.Test and learn how to use all equipment before bringing it on hike

  • No testing your equipment can prove dangerous as safety gear is quite useless if you don’t know how to use it.

Camping Tips

14.Bring emergency money

  • If you get lost and end up on a road in the middle of nowhere its always nice to have cab money.


15.Bring a Lifestraw


This awesome little contraption allows users to drink water straight from a river or stream.


16. Re-waterproof your jacket before you leave for your hike

  • This ensures you stay dry and warm even if inclement weather strikes.


17.Bring Duct Tape

  • I cannot count the amount of ways duct tape can save you on hikes be sure to have some sort of durable tape packed for your next hike.


18.Don’t Wear Cotton

  • Wearing cotton on hikes is never a good idea it quite hot and tends to hold water when wet.


19.Have an essentials checklist

  • Run over the checklist before leaving your home in order to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure.


20.Sunscreen all seasons

  • Many hikers underestimate the effects of light reflecting off the snow be sure to always wear your sunscreen.


21.Know how to safely start a fire

  • If you happen to get lost and need warmth this is an incredibly important survival tip.


22.Study up on the plants in the area

  • We’ve all seen Into the Wild so hit the books!


23.Do a last minute check of the weather

  • In order to ensure a safe hike make sure to check out your local weather forecast before you leave.Camping tips


24.Keep valuables inside a Ziploc bag just in case.

  • In case water somehow finds its way into your bag it always nice to have a second line of defence.


25.Learn how to properly layer clothes

  • This is especially relevant for those hiking in colder climates layering your clothes is  a major key to remain warm.


26.Keep your hiking backpack packed at all times

  • You never know when you’ll get the urge to go for a hike so why not be prepared!


27.Use a microfiber towel as opposed to a traditional towel

  • These are lightweight smaller and much more effecient to use for hiking and camping.


28.Use toothpaste dots instead of bringing a full tube

  • If you are serious about cutting as much weight as possible from your bag be sure to try out toothpaste dots. These are chocolate chip sized drops of toothpaste which are placed on tinfoil them removed once dried for small and incredibly lightweight portions.

29.Use a headlamp instead of flashlight

  • This not only takes up less room in your bag but is also hands-free.


30.Pack calorie dense food

  • This will take less room up in your pack and also makes for less time cooking food


31.Practice Leave no trace hiking

  • In order to preserve the natural beauty of the trails be sure to leave the trails the way you found them.


32.Take pictures

  • I’m not saying to go for a hike to get a new Facebook profile picture but it’s nice to have something tangible from all your adventures


33.Know how much sunlight you have left

  • You don’t want to be walking through any rough or dangerous terrain in the dark.


34.Bring Trekking poles

  • Trekking poles have become quite popular with hikers and can help with hikes in rougher terrain


35.Stretch/Warmup before your hike

  • Nothing worse than pulling your hammy right as you reach the summit. Be sure to limber up before you start your trek.


36.Start with shorter hikes

  • If you are a beginner start off with so small hikes in order to get a feel for it.


37.Retie your shoes at the summit

  • Hikes going down can be quite dangerous so make sure you don’t have any hanging laces.


38.Give up on the hike if it’s too dangerous

  • Hiking is fun but its not worth your life be sure to take safety precautiouns and be smart with your hiking decisions


39.Know how to set up your tent before you leave for your hike

  • If you’re going on a multiple day hike be sure to follow this tip or you will be in for a rough night.


40.Set your tent door up facing into the wind

  • This will help avoid mosquitos from congregating at the entrance of your tent.


41.Bring snacks

  • Even if it’s a short hike it never hurts to have a few snacks in case your energy gets low.

The best tips for hikers

42.Know how to tell directions through the stars.

  • If lost at night this is always a handy skill to have.


43.Use zip lock bags as pillows.

  • If you are serious about reducing your bag weight you can fill your ziplock bags with air and use them as a lightweight compact pillow.


44.Use Trail shoes as opposed to hiking boots for less rigorous hikes.

  • Trail shoes are much more lightweight as well more comfortable than most hiking boots.


45.Place dry tea bags into your stinky hiking boots in order to get rid of the smell.

  • Everyone knows how smelly hiking boots can get, do everyone a favour and get rid of the odor before it starts.


46.Take wet socks off as soon as possible.

  • Keeping them on while hiking will lead to blisters.


47.Have a quality pair of hiking boots.

  • This arguably the most important piece of hiking equipment so don’t skimp out. Our suggestion is the Keen Targhee ii see our full review here.

Keen Targhee ii Review


48.Research local wildlife in your hiking location and be prepared.

  • Knowing how to react to bear as opposed to a mountain lion could potentially save your life.


49.Test out your backpack weight before leaving for your hike.

  • If you’re bag is too heavy to carry to your car you should probably reconsider what you really need.


50.If your hiking boots or shoes get wet fill them with balled up newspaper for a quick dry.

  • This speeds up the drying time by a large amount and will help prevent blisters.


51.Mark lines on your water bottle to ensure proper hydration throughout the day.

  • Stay hydrated is key especially for long hikes, this tip will help you keep track.


52.If you’re planning on bringing a dog with you on your hikes be sure to check the park regulations.Best Dog Breeds For hiking and Camping

  • Certain parks don’t allow dogs so make sure you know beforehand.


53.Dipping cotton pads in wax is great for starting fires.

  • These act as a candle and can burn for quite a long time.


54.Plan all meals ahead of time

  • Instead of packing miscellaneous foods be sure to have each meal planned out as well as snacks in order to be the most efficient.


55.Know your fitness levels before choosing your hiking trail

  • Starting a hike that is too difficult for you is a recipe for a bad day.

ultimate hiking hacks

56.Know the different styles of campfires

  • There are different campfire styles for different situations when hiking or camping and knowing when to use the right one can be helpful.


57.If you’re hiking with you dog be sure to bring a dog first aid kit.

  • This will help ensure your four-legged friends are kept safe.


58.Bring a tick remover

  • Lyme disease can be a really nasty virus be sure to take precautions like this in order stay healthy and safe.


59.Bring baking powder to reduce odours

  • Some parks do not allow for burning toilet paper so you’ll be forced to pack away all of your waste into ziplock bags, using baking soda will greatly reduce the scent


60.Hang your food overnight if on a multiple day hike.

  • This ensures it won’t be eaten by animals such as bears and racoons.


61.Check your first aid kit before each hike

  • Make sure to refill all consumed items


We hope you enjoyed our exhaustive list of hiking and camping tips. If you have any handy tips you want added to the list be sure to comment and we’ll add them!

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