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Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Review | HileHighValley

Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Review | HileHighValley

Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Review

Throughout our Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Review, we found that the product was very popular among customers, sturdy, comfortable, lightweight, and long lasting. This boot, on a first glance, definitely appears to be a great product; and on a second glance, it looks even better. Plus, the boot is waterproof and layered with Gore-Tex. This allows users to use these boots on even the muddiest of hikes.


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Comfort and Support

These boots are literally one of the most comfortable hiking boots you can find on the market. They’re completely waterproof, breathable, have a snug fit, and are lightweight. The Gore-Tex lining keeps moisture from external sources out of your boot. It also keeps you from sweating and dampening your boot, because it’s very breathable. That will come in extremely handy on the trail. On top of all of this, these boots also come with Dual-density EVA footbeds and molded EVA midsoles for support and cushioning. That just sounds comfy. As far as support goes, these boots are equipped with a thermoplastic urethane plate to help stabilize and support your feet. With all that being said, it is clear that these boots keep you dry, supported, and comfortable. They definitely get a 10 out of 10 as far as comfort and support go.



These boots are extremely light. They weigh in at about 20 ounces (combined). That will feel great on your whole body (especially your legs and feet) when you’re hiking through anything from the toughest of trails, to simply walking around your city. Because of this light weight, these boots are very versatile. You can basically use them for whatever you want. If you want to strap them on and go hiking, they’ll get the job done great. If you want to go take a walk in your neighborhood, you’ll do so comfortably with these on. They’re all around great boots for doing just about anything you can think of.



These boots have very impressive traction. These boots are equipped with Aggressive Vibram Contact outsoles that grip just about anything you’ll encounter on the trail. They’ll also keep you off your butt in wet or icy weather. That’s a great assurance to have when hiking through rough terrain. You need a boot you can trust to keep you on your feet so you can focus on the trail ahead of you. No one likes looking at their feet the entire time.

Breeze GTX Review

Water Proof

These boots are completely, 100% waterproof. They have a leather exterior and a Gore-Tex interior. Both the leather exterior and Gore-Tex interior work together to keep any exterior source of moisture from getting into the boot. The breathable Gore-Tex layer keeps any interior moisture from happening (like sweat). This will keep you from having wet, miserable socks and blisters.


Public Opinion

We’ve read many reviews that have nothing but great things to say about the boots. Customers have raved about how well the boots fit, how long they last, how comfortable they are, and how sturdy their build is. These boots are highly applauded by many hikers in the Amazon review section. The only complaint we found in the reviews was that some rubber on the outsole had peeled off. But, that’s something that almost inevitably happens to every boot after being on the trail and in the heat for so long. That’s really not something we’d be too worried about when looking for a boot to buy.

The Good


Versatility: Once again, these things are crazy light. That makes them great for just about anything you can think of. You can take them hiking through the Amazon Forest, or just walking around your hometown in a nice pair of jeans. Just about anything is a good activity to do when you’re wearing these boots (except for maybe running; boots aren’t great for that). Whatever you choose to do in these boots, they’ll get the job done for you, and they’ll do it well.


Durability: We’ve read a good amount of reviews that have attested to the durability and long lasting quality of these boots. This is probably because of what the boots are made of: leather, rubber, and Gore-Tex (those are the main materials, anyways). All three are very durable materials, and are very strong when put together in a good design.


Light Weight and Support: Once again, these boots weigh in at about 20 ounces each. That’s really light. A boot of this class typically isn’t that light. This enables you to hike further, faster, and without any unnecessary fatigue. I think we can all agree that that’s a great investment. As far as support goes, these things are literally built for it. The high ankle guards on these cozy up to your ankles and the back of your leg in order to keep you from breaking, twisting, or spraining your ankle or injuring any other part of your body.


The Bad


Rubber Outsole Peeling: We read one review on how the current shipment of boots has a rubber outsole that’s peeling a little bit. We honestly didn’t think this was that terrible. It happens sometimes when you use your boots in the heat or on the trail for a long period of time, or when your boots are used aggressively. We didn’t think this was a cause for much concern.


Break-In Time: While most customers said that these boots fit great right out of the box, we won’t ignore the fact that a very small minority of customers said that it took them a while to break the shoes in. This could be due to a ton of different things (like temperature, the width and length of their foot, etc.), so we won’t try to write a long explanation on that. We just wanted to let that be known.


Overall, we’ve found that the majority of customers have been extremely happy with these boots and have attested to their quality.

Vasque Breeze 2.0 goretex Review

The Verdict

These are a high-quality, yet affordable, pair of boots. They’re absolutely fantastic on and off the trail. With great support, a high-quality build and good comfort these Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX hiking boots have just about everything you can ask for. If you are looking for a high-quality boot look no further than this model from Vasque as they are built to last.

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