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Vasque Eriksson Review | HilehighValley

Vasque Eriksson Review | HilehighValley

Vasque Eriksson Review

The Vasque Eriksson is a premium class hiking boot.  And throughout our Vasque Eriksson review, we found these boots did in fact live up to it’s billing as a high performing boot with a secure and comfortable fit.  We found the though that has gone into designing these boots has delivered on any hiker’s needs.

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Comfort and Support

A premium class hiking boot the Vasque Eriksson undeniably provides excellent comfort and support for the user.  If we take the midsole to begin with we find a three-part structure that has been created around both comfort and support.  It has an EVA which runs right along the base of the boot, then a dense heel structure for added support and finishing this a TPU plate which runs down the spine of the boot all contributing to the sureness under foot that we found in wearing the Erkisson.  This structure gives in use a stable platform and great underfoot comfort when trekking and hiking.  Not to be overlooked is the support provided around the ankle, much work has gone into providing a good fit around the ankle with internal foam providing the security and a purposely higher designed cuff to extend that security further around the ankle.  The corded laces come with a D-ring and speed hook system which add to the support given around the ankle.  Then there is the familiar Gore-Tex material used by Vasque to give the breathability in the boot to provide comfort in extended use.


The Eriksson weighs in at just under 1.5 kilogram and provides a substantial hiking book with the added height of the cuff around the ankle, users are getting a serious product with this boot.


The Eriksson comes with a Vibram Summit outsole with XSTrek compound and gives the boot great traction performance.  This outsole has 5mm deep multi-directional lugs for great grip on difficult terrains.

Vasque Eriksson hiking boot Review

Water Proof

The Eriksson hiking boot is completely waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex material used in the inside of the boot, this works to keep the wearer dry for wet weather conditions and assists to do the same against the build up of sweat. A substantial leather material used for the upper further protects against the element.

Public Opinion

We found that the Vasque Eriksson is an excellent hiking boot and lives up to it’s premium status.  To give a better understanding of the boot’s performance we need to gain an insight from those who have lived with the boot and understand how it performs in the longer term and in variety of conditions and activities.  To do this we have read through over a hundred reviews posted online by customers who have bought and used the Eriksson. Compiled below and summary of the main thoughts and feelings they had on the boot.

The Good

Soft and Forgiving Padding

– A feature of the Eriksson hiking boots is the higher than usual cuff.  In many of the reviews we saw users were impressed how the cuff padding that provides the support around the ankle was both soft and secure.  Giving stability without causing any unpleasant and disrupting rubbing that could lead to sores and blisters.

Good for All Conditions

– Reviewers on the whole also found that the Eriksson hiking boots were suited to all weather and underfoot conditions.  Those using the boots for their hiking purposes were able to traverse dry, rocky, damp and swamp like conditions without issue. In the wetter and less stable underfoot conditions users found they performed well and importantly kept their feet dry.

Comfort and Fit

  Almost all reviewers were very impressed by the long lasting comfort they got from these boots.  Most reviewers who used the boots over extended periods suffered no loss in comfort. The stability of the boots was found to be consistent and reliable.  One aspect noted specifically was the lacing which provided the stability where users needed it but allowed room where they were looking for it across the toes.


  A common view held by the reviewers was their delight in the durability of the Eriksson hiking boots. The boots come with a rubber banding which runs around the complete perimeter of the base of the boot and provides sturdy protection against tough terrain.  The high quality materials used throughout the boot was also commented on as giving it the long lasting quality.

Minimal Break-in

  Some users also found that they were able to use the boots with little or no breaking-in. A positive for any footwear as it saves users any period of discomfort while they bring the boots into good condition for their hiking needs.

The Bad


– A few comments were made that the boots were a bit too narrow for some users, this ranged from those who felt they would benefit from just a bit more room to those who felt they were more restricted.  However, the Eriksson boots do also come in wider sizes for those who like to have more room across the foot.

The general view of the Vasque Eriksson hiking boots from the reviews we had read through was highly complimentary and extremely positive about the great features the boots had to offer.  A high proportion of reviewers found the comfort and fit benefitted from things like the added cuff height and the strong midsole support.  Users who took the boots for hikes were impressed on the whole with the strong grip given to them by the lugs on the outersole.  It appears from these reviews that the boot performs well against it’s premium billing.

Vasque Eriksson hiking boots

Bang for Your Buck

The Vasque Eriksson is not one of the cheapest hiking boots available, but for the price customers pay for this product they will be rewarded with a high performing and comfortable hiking boot fit for many types of terrain and weather conditions.  The high quality of the materials used to produce these hiking boots mean that they will be long lasting and resistant against scratches and bumps making the Vasque Eriksson a sound investment for any hiker.

The Verdict

The Vasque Eriksson is a high performing hiking boot.  It has support in all the right places for hikers and goes beyond other boots with its high cuff and three-part midsole.  These boots have been designed for hiking and they fit this purpose to a high standard.   They deliver on comfort, support and durability.  We would have no doubt that anyone making the decision to have the Eriksson as their hiking boots will be impressed and delighted by their performance.

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