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Vasque Mantra 2.0 Review | HileHighValley

Vasque Mantra 2.0 Review | HileHighValley

Vasque Mantra 2.0 Review

The Vasque Mantra 2.0 is a low-cut hiking shoe and therefore has slightly different qualities compared to traditional hiking boots. Throughout our Vasque Mantra 2.0 review we found that these qualities were almost in addition to those of a hiking boot making the Mantra 2.0 a great multi-purpose choice of footwear for the person who likes to be outside.

Price Level: Mid Range

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Comfort and Support

To begin our review, we would first like to mention how the Mantra 2.0 has managed to combine well the flexibility and nimbleness of a low cut shoe with the support that you would expect from a traditional hiking boot.  Users will find padding around the cuffs and tongue of this low cut shoe help to provide the comfort and stability you would be looking for from footwear for outdoor pursuits.  The footbed of the Mantra 2.0 is a dual density EVA giving the user good support underfoot from the midsole.  The Manta 2.0 has been designed with a straight shape of the last to aid comfort for those with flatter feet and a tailored instep and a lower volume heel helps to keep the foot more securely in place.  These shoes come with Gore-Tex and so offer a breathable waterproof protection, the Nubuk leather upper contributes further to the breathability of the shoe.  The Mantra 2.0 we found then is an excellent shoe which does well to combine flexibility in use with the support of a hiking boot.


The Mantra 2.0 weighs in at just over 1 kilogram and as a low cut shoe rather than a hiking boot is a footwear option well suited to the nimbler activities such as rock climbing.


Performing strongly on providing the user traction the Mantra 2.0 comes with a Vibram Nuassi outsole with XSTrek compound.  This outsole has deep multi-directional lugs for great grip on difficult terrains.

Vasque Mantra 2.0 hiking shoe Review

Water Proof

The Gore-Tex material provides the waterproofing for the Mantra 2.0 from within the shoe, and the exterior use of Nubuk leather gives the additional natural waterproofing to the shoe.

Public Opinion

To give a more comprehensive understanding of the Vasque Mantra 2.0 hiking shoe we have looked through over a hundred online reviews.  The reviews are from those who have bought and used this hiking shoe and who have first hand experience how the product performs over long periods of use and time.  We have found that throughout these reviews the overall view of the Mantra 2.0 hiking shoe was positive with several common points featuring across them. Below we have outlined the collated views of these reviews.

The Good

A Strong Sole

– We found a number of reviews which praised the performance of the outsole of the shoe.  Many found that not only is the grip of the shoe strong on rocks and other rough terrain but the design and construction of the shoe means that the foot is well protected from the harder elements.


– Another of the positive comments we saw feature in several of the reviews were the lightweight nature of the shoe. Being low cut the shoe is naturally lighter than other hiking options.  The Mantra 2.0 to it’s reviewers was a great option for hiking and being lightweight was also found to be a good shoe for everyday activities.

Comfort and Fit

  Almost all reviewers were highly positive of the comfort and fit of the shoe.  Many noted that they were snug in all the right places, and those with wider feet were able to find sizes which gave them the best fit.  We also saw a number of reviewers happy with the breathability given by the meshing on the shoe and they were perfectly happy that the shoe gave them all-day use with no loss in comfort.


  We saw many users note how these shoes held up well throughout strenuous activities and suffered minimal to no loss in support or comfort.  The Nubuk leather was also seen as a strong material which was resistant to any bumps and scratches they were subjected to.


  One feature that was given praise across reviews was the flexibility given by these shoes, and allowed users to perform activities which required greater nimbleness that just hiking, many used these shoes for activities such as rock climbing.

The Bad


– There were a few comments from users who felt that the laces that came with the Mantra 2.0 were not as hard wearing as they should be and some suffered loss of performance in them.  The overall performance of the shoe was still high but required alternative laces to suit the needs of these reviewers

The overriding sense we got from the reviews of the Mantra 2.0 was that this is an excellent hiking shoe giving the user support around the ankles and underfoot.  On the whole they all noted the protection that the boot gives the feet in rough conditions.  The Mantra 2.0 appeared to perform well in extended use as many of the reviewers commented on wearing the boots for periods of 6 hours plus and more with continued comfort and support.  The reviewers were highly positive of the Mantra 2.0 and willing to recommend to anyone looking to make a purchase.

Vasque Mantra 2.0 hiking boot

Bang for Your Buck

The Vasque Mantra 2.0 is a mid-range priced hiking shoe.  However, those taking the decision to purchase the shoe will find that they will not be sold short on support or on comfort with the shoe performing excellently as a hiking boot and given the added benefit of the flexibility provided the purchaser will be getting a multi-functional piece of footwear.  The comfort and support has been seen to be long lasting and all but a very few of the reviews we saw were extremely happy with the performance of the shoe over long periods of time.

The Verdict

The Vasque Mantra 2.0 is an excellent multi-purpose shoe. Constructed from highly durable and tough materials the Mantra 2.0 will be long lasting. Designed to provide the support expected from a traditional hiking boot in a low cut and flexible shoe the Mantra 2.0 is the perfect choice for someone looking to take on the rough and tough challenges of rock climbing and other similar activities. 

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